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What is a perfect body alignment?

In western medicine it is a straight body posture.

The Tao says it is the homeostasis of your body systems.

In nature we are looking for the right balance.

I think it is the harmony that exists when combining all of these.

Welcome to my first blog post. I am so excited that you have found your way here.

Let me share with you the experiences that I have gained over the last 7 years working as a physiotherapist and movement specialist, about the topic of a "perfect body posture".


“Never slouch. As doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds the vital organs, rounds the back and throws you off balance." - Joseph Pilates

During a Pilates session, the main goal is to move from a neutral spinal position. We orientate ourselves to the anatomic structure of the spine, which indicates an "S" shape. The neck stays in a long arch, allowing the lungs to fully expand into the curve of the thorax, from here the spine flows over into a strong arch of the lower back, protecting the digestive organs, which then finishes with a smooth glide into the curve of the sacrum and the tip of our "tale". When we move from a neutral spine, we allow our joints to move freely and isolated in their range of motion. Our muscles are able to work on their specific joints, rather than compensating work from tight areas, which might cause an over-usage of single parts of our body and pain.

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In my Yoga Therapy sessions we will work on harmonizing your body's systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine talks about finding a balance, an equilibrium, of Yin and Yang in order to stay healthy and to achieve longevity. Daoist texts noted that it is a balance that is always changing, ever moving, influenced by the 5 elements of fire, water, earth, metal & wood.


Each and every human being is so unique”

Every second client suffers from muscular tensions and/or pain in their body. Frustrated and exhausted they stand in front of me to tell their story.

"Every day, I am trying my best to stand, sit and sleep in perfect posture, but I am still suffering from pain!"

Usually they will add a "performance" of how they think a perfect posture should look alike: shoulders squeezed to the back, chest popping out, belly forcefully pulled in and the pelvis tucked under.

To squeeze and pull and tuck our body in certain body positions has less to do with a balanced posture, neither will it cure from any pain. It might actually increase tensions.

The key is to learn a deeper awareness of your body in space. From here you can start to work on aligning its posture.

With hands-on adjustments I offer you feedback responses that will directly train your sensory system.

Visualizations of different body parts, its systems and functions allows you to sense your naturally given posture in a playful and curious way.

With breath and movement you can directly implement your sensory experiences into the physical body.

Experience the embodiment of your very own and unique "perfect" body posture, as you feel lighter, you move with more ease and your breathing expands.

And remember that harmony only exists in movement and change. Every day is a new day to explore your body in its present state. Receive its needs in order to find your balance for the day.


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